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Frank Stella Painting from the Glass House Collection Included in New Exhibition at L&M Arts

Philip Johnson Glass House, Painting Gallery, © Harf Zimmermann. Painting on View at right is Averroes (1960) by Frank Stella.
Paintings in the Philip Johnson Glass House Painting Gallery, from left to rightPhilip Johnson (1972) by Andy Warhol, Brzozdowce I (1973) by Frank Stella, Konskie III (1971) by Frank Stella, Tetuan II (1964) by Frank Stella, and Averroes (1960) by Frank Stella.
Photo © Harf Zimmermann.

The Frank Stella painting, Averroes (1960), from the Philip Johnson Glass House permanent collection is currently on view as part of the exhibition Frank Stella: Black, Aluminum, and Copper Paintings at L&M Arts gallery in New York.

Art critic Roberta Smith of the New York Times recently described the exhibition in her review Laying the Tracks Others Followed, Frank Stella’s Early Work at L&M Arts:

It features 13 of the adamant, quietly pulsing, exceedingly frontal paintings that Mr. Stella made in New York in the three and a half years after he arrived here in the summer of 1958, fresh out of Princeton.

This amounts to more early Stellas than have been exhibited in New York since the survey of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in 1970. They provide a heady sense of the first few fastest-moving years of his development, when he helped bring the Abstract Expressionist chapter of New York School painting to a close and lay the foundation for Minimalism.

Smith goes on to describe Stella’s Aluminum series, including Averroes:

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