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Landscape Architect Raymond Jungles Hosts New Glass House Conversation

1111 Lincoln Rd.

 Raymond Jungles, FASLA

Raymond Jungles, FASLA

Join us for this week’s online Glass House Conversation hosted by landscape architect Raymond Jungles. Jungles and his firm based in Miami design private residential gardens, civic gardens, boutique hotels, and botanical gardens, and have collaborated with leading architecture firms including Herzog & de Meuron, Frank Gehry & Partners and Foster + Partners. See more of Jungles’s work, including 1111 Lincoln Rd. pictured above, on his website

Jungles asks:

Considering the landscape an integral part of an overall architectural solution, we identify regional context and a sense of place as the primary objectives. To us, unity, harmony and human experience are the driving force.

Which architects best prioritize the human experience in their work? How are people responding?

Participants have brought up an exciting range of examples, from Mies and Johnson, to Burle Marx, SAANA and Miller Hull.

Made Wijaya reflects on landscape architecture today in Asia:

Great gardens should be theatrical plus culturally and geographically referenced, I reckon. So much new money in New Asia, where I work, tries to cram Philip Johnson glass houses on suburban blocks and when you remind them that Mies’ Barcelona pavilion and Johnson’s iconic glass house are sort of ‘nestled into’ parklands they don’t want to hear.

And, landscape historian Thaisa Way discusses her experience at the Teshima Art Museum by Ryue Nishizawa:

this space was entirely about the physical experience, the aesthetic. Colleagues fell to the ground to inch along to follow the droplets of water, while others explored the edges and played with the way sound traveled. The light coming through the absence in the roof created a magic that one could sense as fragrance. It was truly a remarkable human experience.

Share your thoughts, join the Conversation, going on now through March 18th at 8pm ET at!

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