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January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

I write as air finally chills with winter, although the ground remains resolutely brown, denying the season its romance.  The Glass House site is closed to the public until May 2nd.  However, the staff is hard at work with many off-season projects.

Here is a look at how we spend the winter:

Our property manager and his crew are still cleaning the woods of the debris left by Hurricane Irene and the Halloween Weekend Snowstorm. They’ve already completed repairs from a leak in the Library/Study (thanks to the revenues from sales of the new book, The Library of Philip Johnson, published by Birch Books to benefit the Library/Study and book conservation!). With the Glass House curator and preservation consultant, they are costing out a new roof for the Painting Gallery, for which funds will need to be raised.

Our finance office is closing the books on 2011 and finalizing the budget for 2012, working closely with all of the staff to ensure that new initiatives are adequately planned for.

Our curator is also working new essays to enhance the Glass House website. In the coming months, look for essays about conservation of various artworks, as well new research on our wonderful collection of Frank Stella’s works.  Last year, our website had 500,000 views!

Our program experts are deep in the throes of new season planning.  Potential new guides are being interviewed and guide education planned for our new and returning team. Changes to the tour schedule are being discussed. The second season of Conversations in Context is being hammered out. 2012 On-line Glass House Conversations are also being reserved.  Last year, over 20,000 people viewed these Conversations, and anyone can participate!  A second co-hosted lecture at the New Canaan Library will occur on February 12 with Hicks Stone. More programs will be announced soon, as will some New York City based lectures during our off-season.

Special events are in the planning, including a second Dine with Design event.  If you missed the first one, don’t miss this year—although we know lots of attendees will be coming back!  This event features excellent food and the opportunity to walk the site on your own or with friends. The date will be announced soon.

Our Public Relations professional remains constantly vigilant. Last year, The Glass House was featured or mentioned in 130 international publications and websites. We plan to keep meriting all that attention!

Fundraisers, of course, never sleep.  In 2012 we need to raise more money than ever to meet our goals.  We hope to grow our pool of friends, corporate partners and sponsors, and foundations.   If you’d like to help jump-start this 2012 effort, please do!

Last but not least, our parent organization, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is almost ready to reveal the name of the new Executive Director of the Glass House. Watch our website for an announcement very soon.

Rena Zurofsky

Interim Director, Philip Johnson Glass House

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