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Sarah Rich Hosts Glass House Conversations with a Question About Food & Design

What role does design play in influencing our eating behaviors?

Sarah RichThis week Sarah Rich, Co-Founder of the Foodprint Project and Longshot Magazine is leading a Glass House Conversation on the subject of food and design. Her question is inspired by the launch of the new USDA My Plate program that has stirred up a debate amongst both the food and design world this week.

The intersection of food and design coincides with the Philip Johnson Glass House’s Dine with Design, an event to benefit the Glass House this Saturday June 11th, 2011 (a few tickets are still available!). Dine with Design guests will be able to explore the Glass House site and art collection while enjoying food from local and organic producers. Prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs, all dishes are directly inspired by the Glass House site.

On the subject of food and design, Sarah Rich asks:

“Last week, the USDA unveiled a re-design of America’s most familiar dietary decision-making guide. The old Food Pyramid has been retired, and in its place, Americans now have a new icon in a shape more relevant to eating—a plate. The new graphic communicates a simple message that aligns with Michael Pollan’s motto: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Half of the plate is composed of fruits and vegetables, while the other half contains grains and protein, and a small satellite disk represents dairy. You can view the new graphic at

What role does design play in influencing our eating behaviors?

The conversation is going on now! Join in the online discussion and share your thoughts at!

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