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Constantin Boym Hosts Glass House Conversations

Constantin BoymThis Week’s Glass House Conversation is hosted by designer Constantin Boym, founder of Boym Partners Inc. and Director of MFA.DESIGN at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. The work of Boym Partners Inc. is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art , won a 2009 National Design Award in Product Design, and has received numerous awards from the now defunct icon of industrial design, I.D. Magazine.

Boym also participated in Modern Views, a project of The Philip Johnson Glass House, celebrating and supporting preservation at The Philip Johnson Glass House and The Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – both properties of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. A book titled Modern Views was put together and includes work by Boym Partners Inc., and don’t miss this great Modern Views video titled, Where Would You Live? including Constantin Boym, Phyllis Lambert, Paula Scher and many others talking about which of the two modernist houses they would choose to live in.

This Week Boym is hosting a conversation at based on the following question:

It seems that every decade has its favorite design object. This object captures public imagination as a focus of exploration by leading design companies, and as a darling of the design media. In the 1990s it was the plastic chair; the 2000s, boutique hotels. Today design is often focused on ideas as much as it is on objects, such as issues of sustainability, social responsibility, or network culture. So what will be next?

As we enter a new decade – the 2010s – what object will come to define this new era of design?

So far the participants are divided between objects and interaction design. Leo Gullbring, journalist, critic and photographer kicked-off the conversation with thoughts on network culture and social networking as a tool for revolution, and designer Tucker Viemeister threw in a vote for the intangible content we receive on our digital devices. Robert Sawyer presents a few scenarios where interaction is key, and he and Thomas Modeen make sure that we do not forget the importance of the emotional connections and tactile experience of the objects around us.

The conversation is going on now and will be open to public participation through Friday evening at 8pm ET. Join in at!

By Emily Leibin

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